Nov 28, 2014
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      Updated: Nov 28, 2014 
Association between obesity and coronary heart disease among diabetic patients   
There exists a positive association between BMI at baseline and risk of CHD among patients with type 2 diabetes.
Correlation between HDL cholesterol and risk of cancer among T2DM patients   
HDL-C is inversely associated with cancer risk in T2DM men and women.
Diabetes & Aging Study: Incidence of remission in adults with type 2 diabetes   
Remission of type 2 diabetes does occur without bariatric surgery, in the community settings, but it is very rare.
Impact of low serum total bilirubin levels on risk of CAD in patients with metabolic syndrome   
Upon adding low serum bilirubin levels to the traditional risk factors for CAD, such as metabolic syndrome, risk prediction may improve.
Relationship between diabetes associated peptide hormones and inflammatory markers in obese and lean polycystic ovary syndrome patients undergoing in vitro fertilization   
Elevated levels of diabetes associated peptide hormones are present in young obese PCOS patients.
Impact of 1-year diet and exercise intervention on adipose tissue depots and metabolic markers in overweight and obese T2DM patients   
Adipose tissue depots reductions are associated with improvements in biomarkers.
Impact of low serum total bilirubin levels on risk of CAD in patients with metabolic syndrome   
Upon adding low serum bilirubin levels to the traditional risk factors for CAD, such as metabolic syndrome, risk prediction may improve.
JUPITER: Safety profile of subjects treated with rosuvastatin 20 mg daily achieving very low low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels (<30 mg/dl)   
The rate of adverse events in those with LDL-C <30 mg/dl on a statin is low.
EPIC-InterAct Study: Correlation between smoking and risk of type 2 diabetes   
In men and women, former and current smoking versus never smoking, is associated with a higher risk of incident type 2 diabetes, independent of educational level, physical activity, alcohol consumption, and diet.
Association between deregulation of branched-chain amino acids metabolism in plasma and insulin resistance and glucose intolerance   
Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery, but not calorie restriction, reduces plasma branched-chain amino acids in obese women independent of weight loss or the presence of type 2 diabetes.
Brain activation patterns under different working memory loads in T2DM patients   
Lower superior frontal gyrus activation is associated with worse cognitive function.
Edinburgh Type 2 Diabetes Study: Correlation between severe hypoglycemia, adverse macrovascular events and inflammation   
There are higher odds of suffering a macrovascular event in T2DM patients, with a history of severe hypoglycemia.
Bone Loss with intensive lifestyle intervention in patients with type 2 diabetes   
Rate of bone loss during the first year is greater in men undergoing intensive lifestyle intervention.
Association of endothelial function and cardiovascular risk with metabolic syndrome in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease   
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in association with metabolic syndrome increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.
Effects of metformin and glipizide in T2DM patients with coronary artery disease   
There is a clearly increased trend of triacylglycerols of a relatively higher carbon number with metformin treatment versus glipizide group.
Outcomes of mechanical circulatory support in diabetic patients who underwent left ventricular assist devices implantation   
Mechanical circulatory support improves diabetic control in advanced heart failure patients.
Associations of both maternal and paternal smoking during pregnancy with T2DM risk in daughters   
Associations between maternal/paternal smoking during pregnancy with T2DM risk in daughters is largely explained by BMI throughout the life course, reflecting shared family-based or lifestyle-related factors.
Higher gestational weight gain is correlated with increasing offspring birth weight independent of maternal glycemic control in T1DM women   
A positive association is revealed between gestational weight gain and offspring birth weight and also with birth weight SD score, after adjusting for prepregnancy BMI, HbA1c at 36 weeks, smoking, parity, and ethnicity.
Outcomes of new Insulin Glargine 300 Units/mL versus Glargine 100 Units/mL in T2DM patients on Basal and Mealtime Insulin   
Gla-300 is comparable to Gla-100 in controlling HbA1c, in T2DM patients treated with basal and mealtime insulin, with consistently less risk of nocturnal hypoglycemia.
Risk prediction by stress myocardial perfusion positron emission tomography in subjects with and without diabetes   
Positron emission tomography myocardial perfusion imaging provides incremental risk prediction of cardiac death in both diabetic and non-diabetic subjects.
Contributors to all-cause mortality among T2DM patients   
After adjusting for confounding factors, higher HbA1c, lipids, and C-reactive protein and reduced kidney function are correlated with 1.1- to 1.5-fold increased mortality risk.
Correlation between glycosylated hemoglobin level with severity of atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases   
Increased HbA1c level is independently associated with the severity of coronary artery diseases.
JPAD Trial: New blood pressure control target for diabetic patients   
140/90 mmHg is a significantly better BP control target for diabetics.
EXAMINE: Impact of alogliptin on NT-pro-BNP in a post-ACS T2D population   
N-Terminal-pro-brain natriuretic peptide decreases following treatment with alogliptin in T2DM patients with recent acute coronary syndromes.
Impact of both diabetes and depression on patients undergoing angiography for acute coronary syndrome   
Combination of depression and diabetes is associated with short-term risk of death and myocardial infarction among patients undergoing angiography for acute coronary syndrome.
Impact of ranolazine in patients with chronic stable angina and diabetes   
Ranolazine improves cardiovascular-and diabetes-related healthcare utilization in patients with chronic stable angina and co-morbid diabetes.
Association of endothelial dysfunction, arterial stiffness and inflammation with visual impairment among diabetics   
Visual impairment could be predicted by both endothelial function and arterial stiffness with high sensitivity.
BP lowering effect of Empagliflozin in T2DM patients under background antihypertensive treatment   
BP reduction with empagliflozin in type 2 diabetes is similar in treatment naïve as in those on one or ≥ 2 antihypertensive agents.
Time dependent effects Dapagliflozin on cardiovascular safety   
Dapagliflozin was not associated with any increased risk of early or late adjudicated cardiovascular events.
Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis: Impact of sitagliptin on cardiac outcomes   
Sitagliptin versus placebo shows no significant benefit on cardiac outcomes.
Long term mortality in patients with newly diagnosed diabetes versus known diabetics after ST segment elevation myocardial infarction   
Patients with newly diagnosed diabetes have comparable long term mortality with known diabetics after ST segment elevation myocardial infarction.
Impact of exercise training on Ang-II and AGEs in patients with diabetic kidney disease   
Exercise reduces angiotensin II and advanced glycation end products in patients with diabetic kidney disease.
Impact of metformin treatment on levels of adiponectin in MI patients   
Metformin lowers circulating adiponectin levels in patients with myocardial infarction.
Association between sulfonylurea use and risk of cardiovascular disease among patients with diabetes   
Sulfonylureas use for a long time is associated with a significantly higher risk of developing CHD among women with diabetes.
SATURN: Impact of statins on coronary atheroma in diabetic patients   
High-intensity statin therapy alters the natural history of diabetic coronary atherosclerosis.
Long-term outcomes of insulin degludec versus insulin glargine in T2DM patients   
Insulin degludec improves long-term glycaemic control similar to insulin glargine but with less hypoglycaemia in T2DM patients with advanced type 2 diabetes on basal-bolus insulin therapy.
Early markers of diabetic nephropathy   
Insulin sensitivity is an important determinant of renal health in adolescents with type 2 diabetes.
Effect of β-adrenergic blockade on glucose counterregulation in advanced type 2 diabetes   
β-Adrenergic blockade increases insulin sensitivity at normoglycemia but does not impair glucose counterregulation in T2DM patients, even those with advanced β-cell failure.
Impact of gestational diabetes on the stereoselective pharmacokinetics and placental distribution of metoprolol and its metabolites in parturients   
Well-controlled GDM does not have any affect on the activity of CYP2D6 and CYP3A involved in metoprolol metabolism.
Correlation between serum calcium levels and type 2 diabetes risk in individuals at high risk of cardiovascular disease   
An increase in serum calcium concentrations is associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes in individuals at high cardiovascular risk.
Efficacy and safety of oral methazolamide in T2DM patients   
Methazolamide has clinical benefits beyond glucose control and can serve as a new intervention in type 2 diabetes.
Correlation between hyperglycemia and muscle strength associated with aging   
Hyperglycemia is associated with persistently lower muscle strength with aging, partially due to peripheral neuropathy.
Carotid atherosclerosis, intraplaque neovascularization, and plaque ulceration in asymptomatic patients with diabetes mellitus   
Prevalence of subclinical carotid atherosclerosis is very high in patients with diabetes.
Glycemic response to microdoses of subcutaneous glucagon at varying levels of insulin   
Endogenous glucose production steeply increases with glucagon doses between 25 and 175 μg at lower insulin infusion rates.
Dysfunctional leptin signaling contribute to the risk of overconsumption of high-calorie food predisposing adolescents to obesity and T2D development   
Leptin is associated with exaggerated brain reward and emotion responses to food images in adolescent obesity.
Insights From SATURN: Benefit of statins in inducing coronary atheroma regression in diabetic individuals   
High-intensity statin therapy alters the natural history of diabetic coronary atherosclerosis.
Predicting metabolic abnormalities in women with PCOS   
Addition of fasting insulin testing can identify a subset of normoglycemic polycystic ovarian syndrome patients at increased risk for significant derangement in metabolic syndrome components.
Causative factors involved unsteadiness during walking up and down stairs in patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy versus age-matched controls   
During walking up and down stairs, patients with DPN are slower at generating strength at the ankle and knee in comparison with control participants, likely due to altered activations of the extensor muscles.
Risk of diabetes in overweight and obese metabolically healthy young adults   
Healthy metabolic profile and the absence of diabetes risk factors do not confer protection to young adults from overweight/obesity associated incident diabetes.
Risk of incident diabetes and cardiovascular disease in prediabetic Asian Indian men participating in a 2-year lifestyle intervention program   
Early improvement predicts reduced risk of incident diabetes and improved cardiovascular risk in this population.
Correlation between maternal pregnancy hyperglycemia, gestational diabetes mellitus and offspring adiposity   
Maternal hyperglycemia during pregnancy predicts adiposity of the offspring.
Detecting diabetes and identifying women at increased risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes using HbA1c criterion   
An early pregnancy HbA1c ≥5.9% (41 mmol/mol) is optimal for detecting diabetes and identifies women at increased risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes.
Correlation between fetal exposure to parental smoking and T2DM risk in adult women   
Associations between maternal/paternal smoking during pregnancy with T2DM risk in daughters is largely explained by BMI throughout the life course.
Severe hypoglycemia and mortality post cardiovascular events in T1DM patients   
Patients with type 1 diabetes with prior severe hypoglycemic events have increased risk of mortality after a cardiovascular event.
Index of β-cell function in obese adults   
Adjusting glucose-stimulated insulin secretion for adipose insulin resistance provide an index of β-cell function in obese subjects across the glucose spectrum.
Serum High-Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein Levels with Diabetic Nephropathy Among T2DM Patients   
Serum hs-CRP may be useful for predicting the future risk of developing diabetic nephropathy.
Glycemic and surgical outcomes after change in glycemic targets in patients undergoing cardiac surgery   
Higher glycemic target of 110–140 mg/dL compared to strict target of 80–110 mg/dL, results in similar mean glucose values and mortality but significantly less hypoglycemia.
Impact of olmesartan on urinary angiotensin-converting enzyme in patients with diabetic nephropathy   
Olmesartan may have the unique effect of increasing urinary angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 levels.
Metabolic syndrome in children  
The Harmonious Efficacy of Albiglutide as an Add-On therapy or Monotherapy for an Individualized T2DM Management  
Canagliflozin: The Blockbuster drug for the Co-morbid T2DM treatment  
Dapagliflozin: Clinical perspective   
Treatment and management of diabetic macular edema   
Gestational diabetes mellitus   
From trivial to extremely vital - The resurrection of Metabolic Syndrome for the present Diabetes management  
Lifestyle counseling in routine patient care  


Fit2Me™, a Free Customized Diet and Lifestyle Support Program for T2DM patients launched by AstraZeneca    
Bayer Receives EU Approval for EYLEA® in Diabetic Macular Edema    
U.S. FDA approves INVOKAMET™ (canagliflozin/metformin HCl) for treating adults with type 2 diabetes    
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